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  Friday, December 13th, Steve Baughman, 7:30pm.

Tthis will not be an ill-fated 13th.

 Steve was born in the Caribbean and at the age of 3 his family moved to Southeast Asia. It was there he learned to play guitar, his mother was his teacher. When he was in tenth grade his family moved to Jakarta and as he says “Most ex-pats in Djakarta got smitten by terrible stomach flu. I got smitten by bluegrass banjo, big time.” He moved to the United States in 1977 at age 18 for college.  Got saved. Over it. “I felt out of place in America so I packed banjo and guitar and moved to Taiwan, for no particular reason. It was a dumb idea, but the guardian thingies were with me. On my first night there I met a Taiwanese family who took me in. Then I somehow managed to hound up a bunch of gigs. I now cringe at how presumptuous I was. “Hi, I’m from California. I play guitar and banjo. Can I play here?” But they always said yes.” He continues on “I eventually returned to college in the U.S. and was unsure what to do with my life when I graduated. So I went to grad school. Then I was unsure what to do with my life after grad school, so (like most unsure folks with grad degrees) I went to law school. Then I was unsure what to do with my life after law school, so I became a lawyer. I have found law to be a noble profession (lawyer jokes are evil Right-Wing conspiracies) but music beckons louder. I am still unsure about what to do with my life, but music makes the uncertainty meaningful. I suppose I could say more.” In that music gives meaning to uncertainty this is certain to be a great evening of music. Some examples of his music can be found here –



Music will start at 7:30 and a $20 donation is requested with all proceeds going to Steve. For information, reservations and directions call (530) 753-3472 or email wjwagman@dcn.org. I hope to see you here and thank you for supporting live music.


Bill Wagman's House Concerts


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